Let's get the details straight

Hello, I enjoyed reading you these last days, I’m not really a fan boy so some details hurt me.

before going any further I would like to remove the confusion and preach the truth.

What is the version of the RK3588 and its TDP on the Rock 5 ?
Does the Rock 5 come with a radiator?
if not, do you sell a heatsink made for the ROCK 5?

A connector for the fan is provided on the motherboard ?
What is the format of this one?
Will it be PWM?
if not, can you explain me the reason ?

Your logistic Partners in Germany offer your products at double the value announced by Radxa, without being able to take advantage of the discount coupon and 10€ shipping costs apply.

I remind you that the VAT is only between 7 and 35% and a shipment from China with tracking takes 5 weeks and costs a few euros for something so insignificant (No case, no Psu, just a motherboard in a shipping box)

My question is, are you in a position to assure correctly the production and the delivery to the door of your customers, or should we expect delays, and serious logistic problems, or even the pure and simple loss of our money.



I second these questions!