LED error codes

The red led located near the green power led on my Rock Pi 4B is flashing in double bursts. First noticed it while attempting to boot Armbian, so I shutdown.
Noticed it again before shutting down Debian, last night. Today, it is flashing before bootup, but only if the 64-bit Debian uSD is inserted. It didn’t happen with the 32-bit Debian boot uSD, so I flashed that uSD w/recent 64-bit Debian build. Now, the led flashes with that uSD too. Apart from that, everything else behaves normally. Is this just its little heartbeat?
I haven’t seen any documentation on error codes.

I’d forgotten and it just came back to me.

Thanks for the info.

BTW, thought you might find this interesting:
The Raspberry Pi 4 has landed! A sneak peak prototype review.

Two things that irritate me: Why is a chip labeled mirror-inverted?

Why is the old GPIO connector in through-hole technology and the new one in surface-mounting technology? From the front, the additional connector also looks a bit strange.

If you think that’s bad, you should read some of the comments :wink:

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