Launched: Rock PI S Based GPS NTP appliance

Just launched my creation powered by a Rock PI S.

The NTP250 provides a compact stand-alone GPS-based NTP Stratum 1 network time-source. Based on the Rock PI S, and a base board with power supply, GPS and other logic in a small case.

Note that the PoE Enabled Rock PI S SKUs works great with a Winchen WC-PD13C012I PoE module taking the 4-pin PoE header on the Rock PI S and then doing the PoE negotiation and producing an isolated DC output that I can then OR with the DC input, regulate, and then feed back into the Rock PI S. Works great.

More info at


All, thanks to everyone who’se gotten one already. If you were met with an ‘out of stock’ message sorry, but higher demand than I expected, plus part shortages and shipping delays caused issues. Good news is I’ve now got a bunch ready to go this week.

There has also been major software improvments over the past 2 months including:

  • Add support for static IP addresses
  • Add JSON data export for machine readable integrations
  • Add temp/memory monitoring
  • Add NTP clients list
  • Add remote SSH configuration
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