Latest Kernel won't update

I have the RockPi4 I am running Debian. So I was trying to connect OpenVPN and got this error:
ERROR: Cannot open TUN/TAP dev /dev/net/tun: No such file or directory (errno=2)
I searched the forum and found this
I then followed Jack’s link to update the kernel.
When I run
Get the pub key

   wget -O -$DISTRO/public.key | sudo apt-key add -

I get:
root@DietPi:~# wget -O -$DISTRO/public.key | sudo apt-key add -
–2019-06-06 17:01:50--
Resolving (…,,, …
Connecting to (||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2019-06-06 17:01:50 ERROR 404: Not Found.

gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.

I am not able to update the kernel.
What can I do?



You should run:

export DISTRO=stretch
echo "deb$DISTRO/ stretch main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apt-radxa-com.list
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Sounds like missing “Export”

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@jack I followed the steps again and started with:
export DISTRO=stretch

It is working perfectly now. :grin:Thanks a lot.