Latest Image for Rock Pi S Not Working

I have 10 newly-purchased Pi S (SKU RS308-D4) that I am having trouble getting started.

  1. I tried the following images with multiple 8GB SanDisk SD-cards, using multiple physicals SD-card-readers, and flashing in both Windows and Linux, and also using multiple power adapters.
    All of this equipment has been used extensively on numerous Orange PIs without any problem.
    1.1. rock-pi-s_debian_bullseye_cli_b36.img: sometimes works on first boot, sometimes not. Even when it does work on first boot, it always hangs after running “sudo reboot” (even when that’s the first command I enter). Sometimes the image that doesn’t works on one Pi, does work on another Pi (for a single boot).
    Should I be doing some update immediately after the first boot does succeed?
    1.2. rockpi-s-debian-buster-server-arm64-20220801-0112-gpt.img: doesn’t boot.
    1.3. rockpis_debian_buster_server_arm64_20210924_0412-gpt.img: boots, but this is a very old image…
    Is there a better image to use for the Rock Pi S?

  2. Per the Radxa wiki, v1.3 should end with the letter “s”, but mine starts with an “s”.
    Maybe this is a v1.2?
    Here area the details:

SBAKX26012 2253

  1. I need the following capabilities:
    3.1. Playing audio
    3.2. gpio
    3.3 RTC support for DS3231
    Is all the above supported on the old image rockpis_debian_buster_server_arm64_20210924_0412-gpt?

@radxa, Any help is most appreciated here!

  1. Unfortunately, we have not finished the system upgrade for ROCK S. The major issue is NAND boot, but does not affect you. We should create a new Beta image soon though, so non NAND users can give it a test.
    In the mean time that old image is the only way to go, or you can give Armbian a try:

  2. The hardware revision is listed on the product. Regardless the new system should be bootable on both variants of SoC.

  3. On the old image RTC and Audio is probably missing.