KVM and Rock Pi 4?

I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my Rock Pi 4 and tried to set up virtualization server with KVM, but discovered that KVM support is not compiled into the kernel. Why is that? Is KVM support configured in armbian for Rock Pi 4?

Doesn’t KVM needs virtualization support by the processor/CPU ? Guess that could be the reason.

The RK3399 supports virtualization. I found a text here by someone who did it under armbian in 2019.

So I guess the details were never solved for Ubuntu 20.04? Were they eventually solved in Armbian?

Shame on me. I wrote this article couple of years back but then I completely forgot :slight_smile: This is running virtual machines, podman containers on Rockpi4c BUT on RockyLinux8, not on Ubuntu. Sorry.
Back then, RockyLinux8 was built by a community member who graciously let me download the bits. I dont see him anymore on the community. Nor RockyLinux provide official builds.
Apologies in advance if anyone feels I shouldn’t be talking about other distros here. (Don’t want to get into distro wars! ) If so, I will be glad to delete this reply. Thanks.

Just compile kernel with virtualization enabled.

Just wondered why Ubuntu 20.04 for Rock Pi 4 wasn’t built with that kernel feature configuration enabled by default.

Most likely because it’s not turned on by default by Rockchip, because it’s not tested