KODI & Android 9 / Newbie Request

Hi there,
got my new Rock Pi 4B yesterday and I’m quite impressed by the Android 9 TV image but I couldn’t manage to get KODI working on this thing. I read quite a few posts about how people compiled their versions themselve but since I’m no developer i have absolutely no idea how to do this. Could therefore someone be so kind and provide me a link to the latest KODI apk that works with Android 9 TV? I’d really appreciate this…

And just some another questions:

I read about Android Firmware and now I ask myself if it’s necessary to update some firmware separately besides writing the image file to the emmc card and that’s it?

Can someone recommend a simple way to access / transfer files from my phone or my PC to Android on the RockPi? I guess I need some SSH or Samba app or something on Android?

Is there no right click on Android TV and how to bring up recent apps / task manager or switch between apps?

Thanks a lot and best regards!

PS: It would be too nice if raxda could provide an emmc extender cable or something to get better access to the module when the large heatsink is installed…


There is a problem with Kodi currently.
But to solve it you can use a Kodi with a different package name like this one.

Anyway to solve the Kodi problem:
Here are new files you have to add to vendor and rebuilt the firmware.
These are newer than the last files posted previously and tested so it works.

Radxa can use it in the next firmware to fix it for good :slight_smile:

You can try to double press Home to bring up the recent apps.
Long press Home to bring up the All apps screen.

For Samba you can try MiXplorer and install the Samba v2 addon.
Then set up your PC for Samba shares or NFS Shares.
Here is a useful guide:

I think the right click was replaced by back, not sure but it can be changed in the source code or the tuner app I think.

Better access to the emmc without removing the heatsink so it can be flashed directly from a PC without removing it is a must for future products.

Thanks for your reply,
yes, I’ve tried some of the Sony files but they seem to be quite old and as I said I have no idea how to rebuild firmware or something.
Double press also doesn’t seem to work for recent apps…
Btw, I just found out that the integrated Chromecast also doesn’t work :sob:

Chromecast will only work on Google Certified devices that are locked down and don’t run open-source Android or Linux.

You can try BubbleUPnP or a similar app on your phone and then cast it with the DLNA or Happycast app installed on the RockPi4.
You can also enable UPnP support in Kodi and then cast videos, pictures from your phone directly to Kodi.

Phone apps that work


RockPi4 app
http://www.hpplay.com.cn/Download.jsp (Use Chrome Google translate)
(The settings of the app will be in English but it is only used to receive the casted video from the phone, so don’t worry if there is Chinese text)

Your phone should also pick up MediaCenter or DLNA from the RockPi4 and you can also cast to that or to Kodi if you enable UPnP support in Kodi.

There is also an app called WifiDisplay, not sure if it’s in RockPi4 firmware that lets you mirror your phone screen onto your tv.

It doesn’t matter that much with the cromecast since I have one seperately (as I also have BubbleUPnP already), just thought I could give the cromecast it to my children.
Regarding KODI, do you have the latest version apk with the changed package name?

Here is the README for building Kodi for Android:

In order to change the package name, just edit this file;

Hint: The “APP_PACKAGE” line. Just change it to something else.

It can be a little bit challenging the first time you try to build it, but its real easy to repeat as needed, and well worth knowing how to do.

This is my build script;


export XBMC=$(pwd)

cd $XBMC/leia/tools/depends
./configure \
	--with-tarballs=$XBMC/output/leia-tarballs-armv8 \
	--host=aarch64-linux-android \
	--with-sdk-path=$XBMC/android-sdk-linux \
	--with-ndk-path=$XBMC/android-ndk-r18 \
	--with-toolchain=$XBMC/toolchains/aarch64 \
	--prefix=$XBMC/output/leia-depends-armv8 \
make -j8
make -C target/binary-addons -j8
cd $XBMC/leia
make -C tools/depends/target/cmakebuildsys -j8
cd $XBMC/leia/build
make -j8
make apk -j8

kodi source is cloned to ./leia and you can see where the sdk/ndk and toolchains are put.

Not what I was hoping for in the first place but thanks anyway. To do all this stuff I would have to establish a working Linux system first since I’m (still) a windows user. Otherwise I could simply wait for a new official firmware. Couldn’t you be so kind and send me a apk via pm? I just wanted to use Kodi on Android, didn’t expect that much effort to be honest :upside_down_face:

I mean, I’m planning to do all this anyway but I want to take my time to dive into Linux and all this stuff…

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