KingSpec 128GB M.2 NVMe not found Debian+Ubuntu

I’m using a Samsung MZ-V7S250BW SSD 970 EVO Plus 250 GB M.2 Internal NVMe SSD, for about 85,- Euro and I’m satisfied with it.

FAQs: What M.2 SSD are supported?

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Thanks I’ll keep that in mind when i shop for one :):grinning:


Now we have a hw_config to set the pcie gen2 mode. Uncomment to enable PCIE gen2 mode. Update the rockpi4-dtbo package to 0.7 or later.

# PCIE running on GEN2 mode

Here is my modified Pierre’s script working on Armbian

#By default, the nvme is running at gen1 mode for compatibility, so the speed is limited.
#You can enabled gen2 mode by decompile and recompile the device tree:

sudo cp -p /boot/dtb/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dtb /boot/dtb/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dtb.bak
sudo fdtdump /boot/dtb/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dtb > /tmp/rockpi4.dts
sudo sed -i 's/max-link-speed = <0x00000001>;/max-link-speed = <0x00000002>;/g' /tmp/rockpi4.dts

#Find pcie@f8000000 section

#change from

#max-link-speed = <0x00000001>;


#max-link-speed = <0x00000002>;

#Now recompile the dtb:

sudo dtc -I dts -O dtb /tmp/rockpi4.dts -o /tmp/rockpi4.dtb
sudo mv /boot/dtb/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dtb /boot/dtb/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dtb.tmp
sudo cp /tmp/rockpi4.dtb /boot/dtb/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dtb
ls -l /boot/dtb/rockchip/rockpi-4b-linux.dtb
#Replace the original rockpi-4b-linux.dtb(backup it first), reboot.


how can I use this? On my system there is no hw_intfc.config. I followed the tutorials for updating u-boot etc. but it did not help (

Performance for NVME (970EVO) is unchanged and bad:

sudo hdparm -Tt --direct /dev/nvme0n1
Timing O_DIRECT cached reads: 534 MB in 2.01 seconds = 266.22 MB/sec
Timing O_DIRECT disk reads: 800 MB in 3.00 seconds = 266.34 MB/sec

Any ideas?


Pretty sure if you did follow the you would have hw_intfc.config
either the above and edit the dts or go through more methodically.

But what system (linux) are you using?