Key pad door opener for airbnb With a RockPi (Access Manager)

How to use a rock pi to open a door with a keypad? The software in the back end should also generate a code for the keypad and send it to every guest’s email for each Airbnb reservation, to open the door.


This is very project specific, not hardware. I think it’s better to hook up the 7 inch display and use software keyboard. On the control side, you need to control the lock.

This project sounds like it would be better suited to a microcontroller breakout than to an SBC.

Since it sounds like it needs to execute notifications over a network, I’d suggest looking into Espressif ESP32. I suggest the ESP32 over the ESP8266 because it has more GPIO’s, and it sounds like this project will need at least a keypad, a servo, and probably a few lights.


Electric deadbolt;

And various lights and relays.