Kernel Logo changes not loading android system


For experiment purposes, I did the color of the Kernel boot logo which stored in the kernel folder. After compiled & build the image (Android 9 box ) and flash the image into sd card… then we booted Rpi4 with the new image then we have seen the updated colored kernel logo :smile: then android animation started but the animation not ended afterward :grin:

Please note we have not modified Andriod animation.
Did any faced this issue before ?? or I missed something here

I think the kernel logo can only be 255 colors max.
Try to convert the image to have max 255 colors.
There are logo_kernel.bmp and logo.bmp.
If you don’t change both, remove one of them.

If the bootanimation doesn’t finish then it means the RockPi 4 image you use is not suited for a different RK3399 device and you can’t do anything unless you get the SDK from that manufacturer and build firmware from it since RockPi 4i 4 has very different components compared to other RK3399 devices.

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