KDE Plasma Bigscreen OS

Please check if Radxa can work with the developers to also bring this OS to the RockPi4

It’s a Linux OS but optimized for TV, almost like AndroidTV but fully open-source and privacy focused so no Google spying or data collection, it’s fully Linux, no Android.
There is also voice support and HDMI CEC support so you can use a tv remote easily.
It should also work well with an airmouse remote.

There is already Mali Panfrost/Bitfrost open-source GPU drivers for RK3399 so that can perhaps be developed further and provide good acceleration.
We just need H265, VP9 mainline Linux support, I hope the LibreELEC developers or Collabora can finish it soon.

If KDE can keep on developing this, it could become a very good replacement for Android and you will also be able to stream Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ easily through browsers or apps in HD or FHD quality which is always a problem on Android because of the greedy licenses from companies.