JTAG/SWD debugging?


the RK3308 manual describes the availability of JTAG/SWD (see p. 38 - pins JTAG_TCK/JTAG_TMS seem to implement clock and data for SWD).

It seems that the two pins are multiplexed with SPI2_MISO and SPI2_MOSI (GPIO55/54), which are available on pins 19 and 21 of GPIO header 1.

I haven’t tried using the SWD interface so far (just received the board two hours ago). Has anyone tried to use SWD with e.g. OpenOCD already? If so, does one have to configure something (register, pin config at powerup) in order to access SWD?

Any hints are appreciated…

– Michael

I am not sure if OpenOCD can work with A35 core. Here is a diagram for you to refer. You need pull up for the SWD pins.