I've bought a 4se and a 4+ tried several sd card os's but the damn things wont boot

I bought a Rock4SE for amateur radio use and flashed an SD card with Debian. It wouldn’t boot just a steady green LED. I tried a fresh sd card with Android - same result. I read on a forum I should short pins 23 and 25 tried it with both sd cards - still won’t boot.

I bought a second one this time a 4+ which has 2 micro HDMI ports tried everything as before same result.

A friend told me to use ARMBIAN so flashed a card with that and with or without the short on 23&25 neither of them will boot.

If I had a wish in the world it would be that these things would work with Raspian because all the Amateur radio software works with that.

As it is I’d just settle for either of the damn things booting at all!!