It's time to buy more Rock Pi 4s


I wouldn’t buy another Rock Pi 4 if it has problems to accomplish basic tasks.
Now I has Debian ARM64 working with all the features I need, HAT over UART, Chromium, video streaming, audio, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet over USB (I’ll update my custom image on GitHub for the latters).

It’s time to invest a little more, move my smart home controller to a dedicated Rock Pi 4, so I can continue to use the current one as sandbox for more fun stuff.


Yeah, please share more detail of your smart home controller project :slight_smile:


When you say video streaming, does Netflix and Amazon Prime Video work on your device? If yes, how did you manage to get them working? Please share the details. Thank You!


Sorry I didn’t test that until this morning, those are NOT working. It seems we are missing the DRM piece.

EDIT have you tried this one?

EDIT 2 seems promising. I got different message now after dropped in, it could be the agent settings, I got a newer version from 64 bit Chrome OS so the agent setting would be different than the one in the post:

EDIT 3 updated user-agent string Amazon video even started for a seconds then closed, the agent string doesn’t match the library I guess.


Thats the problem, I tried pasting the widevine libraries from Chromes OS, it doesn’t work. I think we need a version of Chromium (arm64) that supports Widevine L1 DRM. None of the browsers I tried seem to have the required libraries that can decode Widevine L1. Looks like L1 DRM is hardware dependent and it requires the manufacturer support, however this is a missing piece that could make the Rock Pi a very beautiful Media Centre.