Issues with Xiaomi Mi TV 4S - Netflix and Russian Mi TV version

Hello everyone,

A couple days ago I bought a Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43”; everything works great, but I cannot download Netflix from Play Store or another place (like Aptoide). My TV is Russian version, but I want to change the ROM to Global version, but I didn’t find any tutorial or download link.

Can someone please help me? Thanks!

You should ask Xiaomi since this is not their support forum, this forum is for RockPi 4 support.
Download the Netflix app on a PC and sideload it on your device, you will have to use an old version since the new v7 doesn’t work on Google Uncertified tv’s and you will also need to use a mouse, but maybe you can’t connect a USB mouse/remote to your tv then your’re out of luck.

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