Issues with USB ports devices


I use a ROCK Pi X with the windows OEM image installed to have the correct drivers, as explained in the wiki. I connect various lab equipment to the board in order to control them, some of which via USB, and I have trouble controlling them with this board.

I use the following:

  • Keyboard and mouse dongle: Works perfectly
  • USB scientific camera: Usually shows as a USB device in the device manager. With the Rock Pi X, it shows nothing when I connect it.
  • USB controller: Usually show as serial adapters in the device manager, with a COM port listed. Here, nothing is shown either in the device manager.

Is there something I need to activate somewhere in order to make the USB ports work as usual? It is really a shame as I can not do much with this board in the current situation.

Thank you for your help.

After a lengthy windows update and a reboot, everything seems to work as intended. :slight_smile:

Is there any good resources on how to use the GPIO of this board under windows?

I’d forgotten this post which probably confirms why I can’t access my Sonoff Zigbee controller as a serial device. It shows up on USB (lsusb) but there are no matching ttyusb0 or ttyacm0 type references. Makes my box (Rock Pi 4) difficult to use as a Home Automation hub. On the plus side, using DietPi I’ve managed to configure motioneye for the cameras (well done that team).