Issues using RP4 as a mass storage device

Hi, I’m currently working on a guide for console gamers, to enable them to use a local NAS or SAN as a storage device for their console games. I ended up using an RP4 for this, as this is the only single board i can find with super-speed OTG mode USB.
I’m quite impressed with this board, its speed and responsiveness out perform any other single board i have tried.
I’m less impressed with the g_mass_storage driver, I know this is not the place to report bugs or short commings of kernel drivers, but I hope that maybe some of you have found solutions for these problems.
My plan is connect the RP4 to the console, acting as a mass storage device, then having the backing files on a NAS via nfs or cifs file sharing.

In general, the requirement for console extended storage are:
super-speed USB.
128Gb-8Tb Drive.
Directly connected.
Custom format.

I got things working on Playstation4, but only with backing file size up to 2Tb, I suppose the g_mass_storage driver does not support block sizes larger than 512 bytes when using backing files.
I tried to work around this, by creating an 8Tb file and connecting it though a loop device, but that did’nt work. Have anyone found a way to solve this?

On Xbox series X, I got a far worse problem, the drive is detected and i can format it from the Xbox menu, but after formating the drive “disappear”, after rebooting the xbox, it detects the drive and I can choose it as installation target for games, but the installation fails immediately, I can get no data to the drive so something is definitely wrong.

Is there an alternative to g_mass_storage which can be used for this scenario?