Issue with Ubuntu Server and Debian OS Images

I have tried the last few Ubuntu Server images from your debos fork at Github and first noticed SSH hanging very often and waiting until characters send. After testing some more I noticed that ethernet was dropping alot of packets in general. See the images I attached

It is especially bad when trying to reach anything that is not on my own network. I have tested some community images (mainly Slackware Linux with Kernel v4.19 and 5.16rc4) and it seems to work flawlessly on them.
Then I decided to try the latest Debian XFCE image and noticed the desktop environment not launching and some essential commands like sudo and ping not working. I haven’t looked into this last one much and I also haven’t tried any other older images although someone on the radxa discord mentioned that those errors look like as if there are x86 userspace binaries on that image.

Forgot to mention that I have tried most ‘physical’ troubleshooting steps… different cable, other ethernet ports on my router. Same person from before also said that this has probably more to do with tx and rx delays or something in device tree than with cabling or anything I tried replacing.

maybe my board has a defect or has a difference from older ones… silk screen on it says v1.3
Any help or suggestion would be appreciated