Is there any Radxa Zero Case?

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if there is any case available to house the Raxda Zero; I would like to carry it around with me in my backpack and power it using a powerbank.

You can try pi zero case, it should fit except for the uSD slot.

You will not be able to use a Pi Zero case without making modifications: Raspberry Pi Zero has micro-USB connectors not USB-C connectors so the holes are smaller, and the SD card is on the opposite side of the board to the Radxa Zero. I don’t need the SD card slot (as booting from eMMC) so I hacked a Flirc Zero case with a dremel (not pretty, but works):


If you can modify a Pi0 3D print file for the Radxa I will print some and put them on Etsy for slightly over cost plus shipping. :slight_smile: my Prusa printer comes in in early October and I’ll be learning how to use 3d models but I’m not ready to start modifying files yet. Anyone who feels comfortable modifying files send me a message and I’ll print some test cases.


i am gonna to modified a Pi zero 3D print


I designed my own


Can you share the STL file? thanks.

This style case fits without too many issues

Can use a plastic washer as a spacer if you need more clearance on the underside, but they don’t block the USB-C ports given it has an open side.

This is the one I’m using


I’ve used a couple cases while tinkering with the Zero.

This one fits reasonably well and has a little pop-out window for the GPIO headers, but the slot for the microSD card is located a little to high to accomodate the protruding microSD on the Radxa Zero (since it’s on the ‘bottom’ of the board and not the ‘top’), so you’ll either have to file it down a little or use the Radxa Zero without an inserted microSD card.

My current favorite though, is this one. I had to use two kits because I needed extra washers to elevate the board away from the bottom acrylic panel to make room for the components on the bottom and I used two of the C-shaped ‘bottom’ interior spacers rather than the regular ‘bottom’ and ‘top’ spacers to allow more room for the USB-C ports. The SD card fits but you have to use tweezers to remove it. :wink:

A couple pics for comparison:

2 Likes is a really good case for a Pi Zero, though not sure how well it would work for the Radxa Zero. It’s open, so it may be modified by someone with more skill at 3D modeling than I am.

Seems someone also made this one, though the lack of airflow concerns me with a quad core SoC:

Made a remix out of that Pi Zero case.

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Very awesome! I’ll have to try this out soon! :smiley: