Is there an official support image for Rock Pi E v3.0?

Dear Radxa, I recently bought a Rock Pi E v3.0 board, but was not able to find an official stable debian image from which compact with v3.0 hardware(the latest is v20210824 which support v1.21 hardware). Is there any download links where I can get the latest offial support image?

Hi, BlueKylin

You can try using this version of the image, which is compatible with V3.0

Thank you for the replyment. I have tried the v20210824 version, bug the kernel could only recognize 1GB RAM, while the board had 2GB RAM instead. Are there any solutions?

Can you check this image:

This is our RC image though, as this image still has some issues that need to be fixed before we can officially release it.

You can also try this version:

Thank you. It works.