Is there a Zero2 release update?

Is there any update on when the Zero2 may be released?

I find it amusing that there has been a fairly well fleshed out wiki page ( for a long time but no updates as to it’s ETA.

Surely Radxa must hav some information they can share?

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Same! I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. Well technically I’ve been wanting two of them. One to put Klipper on and the other to try with my gaming handheld. I even designed it with a socketed SBC to make it easier to swap in the Zero 2 when it comes out. Of course, that was 6 months ago…

@radxa is there any update on zero2?

Nothing so far. We are currently busy with some other projects.

I too feel bad when Zero 2’s support is mainlined but we couldn’t release it. This is the first board I brought up in Radxa.

I can’t make any promise now since my own schedule is full. Hopefully by mid year I’ll have time to revisit Zero 2 (along with Zero) if we still haven’t already done anything to it…