Is there a simple way to configure rockchip SBCs manually?

I’m a big fan of manual configuration because it gives me freedom.

I bought NanoPi R2S to learn to install any linux distribution that I want on a rockchip SBC. I was able to use dirty hacks to create idbloader.img, trust.img, and uboot.img from downstream u-boot. I compiled downstream kernel and wrote extlinux/extlinux.conf. However, it seems that I need to turn /boot(boot.img) and /(rootfs.img) into ext4 android images with make_ext4fs. I haven’t been able to boot it.

I expect Rock Pi products to be similar because they are also rockchip SBCs.

At least, it was relatively straightforward to configure raspberry pi manually.

Have I been looking in a wrong direction? Is there a simple way to configure rockchip SBCs?

For ROCK Pi 4/S/E, we provide gpt image, just dd it to uSD card and boot.

What gpt images do you provide?

Can you document how to manually configure microSD cards for Rock Pi SBCs?

Manual configuration means something like