Is there a CLI way to mount cifs shares on a kernel 4.4 client?

On my regular pc and on Manjaro mainline as a client I could use a command like “mount -t cifs //file-server.local/Pictures /mnt/Pictures” to mount a network share, but that doesn’t work on clients with the 4.4 ubuntu/debian images.

I googled a bit and it seems SMB2/SMB3 support on the client side requires kernel 4.13 or later. Is there another way to do this on kernel 4.4?

The shared location is on a pc with the latest version of Windows 10.

Only way I guess is to install the full samba server which actually aint that big.

Then just write a script mount-cifs or something I guess.

You just edit smb.conf and restart server from memory.

You could prob create the script on that copy of OMV I uploaded and once working find a minimal samba install for your image?

I’ve updated the top post a bit to clarify I’m using the Rock Pi as a client, not server. The server is a Windows 10 pc.

Doh sorry you sure you couldn’t mount cifs below 4.13?
Xenial was 4.4 and pretty sure at one stage or another I mounted cifs but prob did it through the desktop and nautilus, that throw me and presumed to share.

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils ? or something like that, but been mounting samba shares for longer than I can remember.