Is the official downloads page broken?

The link on the website for official downloads does not lead anywhere. I have a rock 5b and would like to put Debian on in. Does anyone know where to find this.

This is the link:


and if you click on the official download link there you are redirected to the link he posted that isn’t working anymore.

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Fine, just use search then

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I think this is the official download page for Radxa:

Radxa has so many web pages and domains is impossible to find what you’re looking for. Make a single new site with all the current information in one place :slight_smile:

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Any plans from Radxa of releasing an offical Debian Bookworm (12) CLI image for your sbc boards? In my case the 4SE board.

Have 5x fun:

That’s the image building repository. Currently for ROCK 5 the download links can be found at here, but yes I do want to get everything in a single place eventually.

After Rockchip releases their Debian 12 SDK. I currently don’t have ETA for their schedule.