Is SPDIF supported?

When looking at the schematics, can I conclude that spdif-out is connected to GPIOH_4 (pin 19)?

When correct, does anyone have additoins to the dts or an overlay?

That’s a good question. The SoC datasheet does show SPDIF out as an available function on GPIOH_4, but the GPIO pinout does not. The schematic suggests the function is used for HDMI so maybe it is reserved for that? We’d need @RadxaYuntian to weigh in.

GPIOH_4 is connected exclusively to GPIO header, so it is not used by anything else. All I know about SPDIF is that it has a single blinky LED, so I’d assume it only requires 1 pin to function, and in that case you could enable SPDIF on this pin.

External circuits, dtb overlay, and some in-system audio config files are likely required. We currently have no plan to support this use case, but will consider this when we work on the next Zero image release.

Any chance getting a patch for us (
We are seriously considering adding radxa zero as a much faster alternative to the Volumio PI Zero version, where SPDIF would be an additional big big plus.

I tried enabling spdif out, but had no success so far.

@maycides Please add this feature request to our issue tracker and check if Jianfeng can work on this.

Affiliate development plan completed.
Feng will develop it after the completion of CM3 I2S.

Much appreciated! Thanks.

I’ve done SPDIF, @RadxaYuntian has the dts patches for both zero and zero2 to create the overlays from them.