Is Rock PI 4 good for emulation?

My goal is emulation in SBC (Retropie or Recalbox).
Is Rock PI 4 a good option?

Doesn’t seem to work the maintainer seems to favour another.

Yes, it should work on the system, you may not get the pretty interface though. If it doesn’t you can always fall back to retroarch, which is one of the main emulator tools that both recalbox and retropie use. Your other option would be to use an android image and download the emulators that way

Tried Recalbox a few days back, GBA and CPS1 emulation were perfect, PSP games ran fine if you enable frameskip, NDS games were sluggish to unplayable, and the current rock pi image only has sound output through hdmi.

Other boards might have more support from the emulation community, but if you only need to play 8bit/16bit games then the Rock Pi 4 should be fine.

If your going to go that far just use the Atomic Pi, It’s by for the easiest and since its not arm you just install and go like any desktop pc

Atomic Pi is very large.
My intention is install a SBC inside of a PS2 Slim case.

Well that leaves you with HardKernel boards, and Raspberry Pi 3+ or lower, the Raspbeery pi 4 doesn’t have support yet. The Odroid xu4 is better and closer to the specs of the Rock Pi 4 at least with GPU.

The thing you would have to do with the Rock Pi 4 is enable multiarch support so you can use both the armhf and arm64 code to run on the system. The last time I tried to install retropie on arm64 board it was missing a frontend compiled for arm64 and was armhf only, but this might have changed

I think the Odroid XU4 a better option.
Thank you.