Is Raspberry PI PoE HAT compatible with ROCK 4SE PoE pins?

I was unable to find POE HAT for ROCK 4SE so decided to get HAT for RPi 3/4. What can go wrong I thought. And even if the form factor seems very similar not everything is the same. So, after RPi 3/4 POE HAT arrived, I realized that it’s not compatible with my ROCK 4SE.

The connector is there but it’s not fitting because of the distance. POE connectors on ROCK 4 are farther from GPIO pins.

I wonder if the ROCK 4SE POE pins are compatible with pins on RPi 3/4 POE HAT? I could DIY an adapter, just don’t want to fry the board.

It’s not compatible with the PoE header location, the signal is compatible. If you plug the RPi PoE on the 4 SE, you will find only two pins are matches, you need to manually connect the other two pins with cables.