Is it possible to use usb-c for power and network?

Hi, all.
I am using my Rockpi S connected to Windows 10 as Midi to SACN convertor which need the ethernet cable for network and usb-c for power. (I don’t use wifi cause lag.)
Is it possible to use usb-c for network and power at once?

Please refer here

In my case, the host is Windows 10 not linux…

That’s why I ask whether it is possible.

The host system does not matter.

Thank you, I try it now.

Ok, I think I’m close.
I installed debian in my Rockpi S and followed the instruction.
And I succeeded to install RNDIS Gadget driver in my Windows 10.

But when I commit “ifconfig usb0 netmask” in my Rockpi S, it’s just freezed.
Maybe I should make “usb0 enabled”. But I don’t know what it mean.
Any advice appreciated.

Ok, it’s my fault. Now, it’s done.

Wow!! Now, my Midi to Sacn convertor works with Debian too!!
Just with only one cable!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thank you all!!
And great Rockip S!!!

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