Is it possible to overclock the Rock Pi 4?

The overlays and everthing with the 4.4 kernel is different.
Use as stretch check overlays as 2.0ghz in there

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Just in case someone will need that. You need to do

sudo apt-get install rockpi4-dtbo

to get /boot/hw_intfc.conf file in Ubuntu Server


to “overclock” the gpu to 800 mhz just

echo performance | sudo tee /sys/class/drm/card1/device/devfreq/devfreq0/governor

if its presente on the dbt it should work
mine was at 200 mhz on powersave, clocked to just 200 mhz and then ive get it to 800 so easily.

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Not sure if that is an OC you are just turning scaling off so that its running at max all time even when no workload.
Its very easy to use the op1 dts inclusion and compile and get a big/little OC but have not seen an increase with the GPU on the default.

I messure the gpu freq. and setting it to ondemand or performance it could reach to 800 mhz…permanent if you set performance. anything of this iits not really overclock, its on the dtb as you said… it has the 800 mhz setting there, you just need to enable it, and powersave lock the gpu to 200 mhz ON MY SETUP (armbian). I dont know the others . cheers

What i mean if even when running opengl test or emulators, the gpu keeps on 200 mhz on powersave, the scaler doesnt work properly.

Governor Description
performance Run the CPU at the maximum frequency.
powersave Run the CPU at the minimum frequency.
userspace Run the CPU at user specified frequencies.
ondemand Scales the frequency dynamically according to current load. Jumps to the highest frequency and then possibly back off as the idle time increases.
conservative Scales the frequency dynamically according to current load. Scales the frequency more gradually than ondemand.
schedutil Scheduler-driven CPU frequency selection [1], [2].

Same with GPU the scaling works fine as that is what its supposed to do.
The ‘powersave’ scaler does what it is implemented to do but its an awful power save method as it just renders your cpu/gpu at lowest performance.
Ondemand/conservative is prob the best “powersave” unless some form of intelligent userspace control is used control is used.


Is there any way to overclock 4C+, which runs RK3399-T?
Playing with the cpufreq did not help, despite the latest packages (Ubuntu 20.04).

As above use dtc to convert the dtb to a rexr dts edit the opp table convert back to a dtb in /boot and see if changes are applied or its somehow its fixed freq.
Likely you will need to up the current entries in Freq & Volt

Hi, thank you for suggestion, however I have a silly question. I converted and opened rk3399-rock-pi-4c-plus.dts and see that it contains frequencies higher than opp-1512000000: up to 1800000000.
Given the entries are already there, why it does not work?

Dunno as actually don’t know what the difference with the RK3399-T is as don’t have one, I had one of the early rk3399 that where quite hot and you OC to 2Ghz and maybe the T runs cooler or is in some way fixed.
Someone else will prob have to tell you an answer.