Is it possible to overclock the Rock Pi 4?

Hi, right now I’m looking into getting a Rock Pi 4, and I was wondering if it is possible to overclock the CPU or GPU?

In theory yes, because safe up limit of Rk3399 is 2.0 GHz for BIG cores and 1.5 for little (i.e. there is chips that works on this freq).
As for how, i have no idea. Maybe you need to edit device tree, but what exactly i don’t know

It should be possible.
mrfixit2001 has made following notice in announcement for the beta REcalbox release:

" Slight default overclock"

Can be found here:

Do you know where you can edit the clock speed from the kernel source code?

Honestly at this point if you could make most use of what the hardware is capable of, it will be good enough. The problem is most of the software like Chromium or VLC can’t even take the advantage of the chip at all.

Chromium is a problem all of its own as doesn’t support Linux hardware acceleration VLC can though.
Panfrost opensource drivers are out in Kernel 5.2 which should be interesting V4L2 also has but generally get confused with Mali.
Its likely that there will and could be acceleration but in terms of OC still interested as 2.0Ghz should be possible just dunno how toasty the heatsink gets but would be great to see what some tinkering with the DTS can get.
Also if there isn’t hardware accel then software via OC could help much.

The A53 might go higher but guess its very much dependent on cooling, but they seem to have more headroom