Is AX200/210 supported?

I want to use an Intel AX210 module in the board. Is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth supposed to work?

I see no reason why it shouldn’t.

We haven’t added support for Intel AX200/210 yet.

This WiFiBT table shows the supported WiFiBT modules.

Are there any plans for 5.x kernel? 5.13 should support that card.

yes, we have the plan. It will take some time.

@jack thanks for reply, any timeline for that? When est. we can expect it? 1Q22?
I managed to run first 5.x builds, but still many things don’t work. I need to find some time and make my build env better, the one described in wiki is very problematic and don’t work on docker and wsl (works on VM only).

the one described in wiki is very problematic and don’t work on docker and wsl

What do you mean by this? Which link are you referring?

This page:
You can’t build those on WSL or Docker (on windows). Linaro makes some system call that are not available on those two (also in docker privilaged mode). The step about broken dependencies causes to downgrade many packages, some are not present on current distros. This makes it much harder to build and best way for now is to set up new VM with old ubuntu where You don’t care about packages and dependencies :confused:

use the toolchain from ubuntu apt source doesn’t has any issue
the kernel i share is build on wsl 2 ubuntu 20.04

I still need to use WSL1, about year ago WSL2 cannot be used with Virtualbox together, this may have changed since then, I’ll be switching to win11 and I hope all problems with it will be solved at that time. For now not a big problem to use vm.
BTW: even on WSL1 it’s easy to build kernel, but not linaro image. It fails on quemu related operations and cannot chroot to created FS. I tried several things but it was just easier to run whole vm.

i think you can try to use hyperV.
the wsl 2 was depends on hyperV both win10 and win11.
and i had rollback from win11 to win10 last week because it has too much bug

I know that recent version should work but I’m waiting some time to be sure about its stability. I have too many vms and docker containers on virtualbox to waste too much time on that :slight_smile: