Is an eMMC module / microSD card required?

Wiki says one of these is required to boot.

However, Ameridroid’s product page doesn’t doesn’t say it comes with either, but does say it comes with Debian Buster? — I don’t get it :smiley: — How does it work?

Do I need an eMMC/microSD to boot? Or is it only if I want to boot another OS?

If so, can anybody recommend a compatible & performant eMMC module for Rock 5B?



I think when ameriDroid says debian buster they mean that there will be a ROCK5 compatible debian buster image. Based on the pictures of the board it should boot from eMMC, microSD or M.2 SSD. It does not seem like the board has on-board eMMC or storage, so I think you would need one of those previously mentioned storage with a compatible OS to be able to boot.

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I am hoping radxa will provide uboot image for SPI flash 16MB available on the board. In this case you will be able to boot directly from nvme, usb3. If uboot image will not be available at the sale start then you will need ssd card or emmc module. I expect emmc modules to be available at the sale start.

Armbian has already generated the spi u-boot image for rock-3a and rock-5b: But at this time u-boot provided by radxa doesn’t support nvme boot. We have to wait for the u-boot update.


Thanks. Very useful info.

Radxa if you could please implement nvme boot so we don’t need to by emmc module. It will be fantastic.

Thank youm. Much appreciated.

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