Introducing FydeOS for You: Unleash the Power of Radxa Rock 5B

We are excited to announce the release of FydeOS v16.1, the “FydeOS for You” edition tailored specifically for the incredibly popular single-board computer, Radxa Rock 5B. Building on the impressive features of FydeOS v16 “Existential Blossom,” our latest milestone version released in Spring 2023, this update promises an even more enhanced experience.

:star2: Introducing FydeOS :star2:

FydeOS is a versatile, cloud-driven operating system based on the open-source Chromium OS project. Designed for a wide range of devices, FydeOS delivers a fast, secure, and seamless computing experience by integrating the best of Chromium features. It offers a modern user interface, excellent web browsing performance, support for Android apps and Linux applications , and regular updates to ensure you always have the latest security patches and features. FydeOS is an ideal choice for users seeking a powerful, lightweight OS with a focus on web-centric computing and compatibility with various hardware platforms.

You may be familiar with openFyde.

openFyde is the open-source version of FydeOS. In comparison, FydeOS offers a more stable experience, better performance, and unique features.

:star2: What’s New in FydeOS for You :star2:

  • ARM 64-bit Upgrade: FydeOS userland (Chromium browser) upgraded to 64-bit for the first time on the ARM platform:
    • Boosted performance for complex web pages and media decoding in-browser
    • Resolved frequent “Aw, snap!” errors due to insufficient memory in a single tab
  • Backup Functionality: A new “Backup” feature in FydeOS Settings allows for easy backup file restoration. Please note that this feature is still in beta and may have some limitations. For more information, check out this KB article.
  • Game Support (Experimental): Added support for Box86, Steam, and Wine for ARM64 devices

Join us in exploring the exceptional capabilities of FydeOS for You on your Radxa Rock 5B today! :boom:

Download Here
Release Note
How to enable PWM fan on Radxa Rock 5B - FydeOS

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FydeOS for the Rock !! Hell Yeah !! :beer::fire:

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Does it boot from nvme?

Yep and you can flash it straight if you have an external enclosure for example.

Congratulations! The FydeOS team is really impressive.


Umm a commercial $$ OS? no thanks.

They have a free one called openFyde.

My initial findings.

Flashed image to my nvme and booted.
At the welcome screen it is not possible to do a full install as no disc is detected…

Back to the ”try first” alternative.
Not possible to select US/English language with non-english keyboard layout.

To continue you need a fydeos account.
To create a fydeos account you need to enter email and phone number. Fine.
But to verify phone number I need to download Telegram, create a user account and verify the same number to Telegram account. Really? I dont use Telegram and have no plan starting.

And it is usd 12,99/year

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The way I did that before was flashed the MicroSD and did full installation to the nvme and worked.
Then I also did flashed the nvme and used it as experimental account.

That works fine.

Also: you have to think right? if you flashed your own nvme where else would the system be installed ?

I can select Portugal - Portuguese keyboard just fine with my K7 Keychron just fine. No issues there.
What exactly happens with your keyboard there?

I think thats just a temporary solution because they moved the data center to UK to allow the text messages to be sent out. In China that was failing apparently.

What else is cheap lol 13$ per Year… I mean… thats not expensive plus they give you openFyde for free…

Flashing to nvme and install from there is what I have done on every other os I’ve tried for the 5B.
But ok, will try USB or microsd.

For the keyboard, the language selection limit the number of keyboard layouts to select.
E.g. If you want English language with portugese keyboard layout.

I can live with 13/year if i like it.

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But I can. I have done that u can even add more than one keyboard languague. I have Portuguese language for the system and English US and English UK for the keyboard and Portuguese as first option.
Try on the system itself after the first boot setup you have more options there.

Yeah I did the microsd to nvme before on openFyde (since FydeOS is recent I havent done it here I prefer to use it on MicroSD mostly cause… this way I barely get boot hangings and this is for all systems when on nvme its when a reboot doesnt… always happens).

Hey @Bruno if you need help or anything come radxa discord I am happy with fyde and always learning more things about this operative system.

Im not sure what im doing wrong. but i cant get the fan to work. Pasted all the commanded one line at a time. not sure what im missing.

I fixed the code lines to make more sense and as said on Discord you had it working EnJOy!

#for FydeOS for you
mount -o remount,rw /
sudo su -
#For first-time use, create the fyde folder
mkdir -p /mnt/stateful_partition/fyde/
sudo nano /mnt/stateful_partition/fyde/Env.txt
Then press Ctrl+X, then Y and enter.
cp /usr/share/rock5b/rock5-fan-control.conf /etc/init
sudo reboot
#end for FydeOS for you

Right i saw that, but when i first went to look and it started touting ‘paid’ version, i shied away. Not really into companies who putout what is in effect beta versions as OSS to get free bug testing, but sell the real thing with all the features you actually need.

Before talking about this, you have to understand the difference between openFyde and FydeOS:

openFyde and FydeOS are part of the same ecosystem, but they cater to different needs. The openFyde project is an open-source platform where we are actively working to replace proprietary packages with open alternatives or our own implementations. It’s true that some features available in FydeOS are not in openFyde, but that’s mainly because those features require specific licensed packages.

Experimental features are usually first introduced in openFyde, and upon achieving stability, they are moved to FydeOS. This is not about using openFyde for free bug testing; rather, it’s a way to ensure the best possible product for our users.

openFyde is, and will always be, free and open-sourced. We continuously update it to address bugs and introduce new features, and its development will not be halted due to the existence of FydeOS for You.

The decision to release FydeOS for You was based on the growing demand from community users for a more stable experience and additional features like Widevine. The aim here is to optimize the user experience on specific devices such as SBCs like the Orange Pi and Rock 5B.

As a technology company, we do need to generate revenue to support our staff and the continual development of our products. However, that doesn’t mean we disregard the value of our open-source community. We are committed to striking a balance that allows us to offer both free and paid options to cater to the diverse needs of our users.



“a more stable experience and additional features like Widevine” is exactly what my statement implies. More stability and features for paying customers.

Its just simply that i dont want to participate in that sort business model. If others do, great. I never said others cant or you should not be allowed to. just that i wont participate, and explained why. And yes, you should be able to make money, but i just prefer to participate in the model where the code/feature base is the same, however you get support for $.

Same reason i wont deal with companies like RedHat.


Well, good luck with that❤️

And you as well.

:see_no_evil: 12.99$ a year but fine lets whine. Its 12.99$ with a promise they will go an extra mile to keep the most updated resources at surface not like other distros that expect you to do their updates via github if ya know what I mean… but anyways U have openFyde for the free taste. You can do whatever updates u like it will work just fine just like Google ChromeOS.
Idk why that mega hate… you can always use whatever you want. I dont mind paying whats asked per year its an incentive to keep FydeOS motivated to bring us those neat updates and like I said before I like ChromeOS and FydeOS just sits well on the Rock 5B ! :beer::beer:
Thanks to Fyde we get a proper desktop experience that includes Android at the same time and for me this gives 10 to 0 to Android OS for the desktop experience.


Is Android subsystem going to be updated to something newer soon?