Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC

Yes, RS Group will take the ROCK 5B manufacturing and stock ROCK 5B in their global warehouses for “the next day delivery” in some countries.


I just pre-ordered from ameridroid, a little more expensive but can’t wait to try it

Excellent. I hope that the UK warehouse will be one where the Pi is/was manufactured.

I am in March, but I will definitely get it in 4 days.You are a slow bird

wait you are saying you reserved in march but yours is on the way? if so, someone screwed me as i have not seen the email to use my coupon yet.

I mean, delivery speed,

ooohh you had me worried!

If you really can’t wait to get the product, there is a development version of the product on taobao

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Can you provide a link?

You are out of luck. This product has only a few

we learn more about the Rock5 at Taobao than on the forum. POE supported.

The listing is still here:

It’s now marked as “Out of Stock”, though. I guess they’re not too happy that we found it. (Or everyone bought up whatever was left.)

why shouldn’t he be happy? they had a stock of development samples in their hands, if people bought these cards as you claim at full price a few weeks before the final release. I think it’s a very good deal for them.

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Why Radxa keeps claiming POE support on the packaging for version 1.42 if it doesn’t.

You who were talking about a shitty disaster, after 4 months here, the only thing that I find positive is the change of place of the SD card, it’s meager.

do we have to talk about the two heatsink mounting holes under the M.2 card slot?

They are verification plates, so only a small number of products are used to confirm mass production,
It’s good for everyone, but I’m too rubbish. I can only follow everyone’s footsteps,I need an acrylic shell for rock 5B

It might help a little if you elaborate on which problems you have with PoE support. There’s the 4 pin header to transport the PoE supply voltage into an optional PoE module and to feed back 5V into the board. I would believe it’s there not just for fun and the Ethernet jack is one with integrated PoE Magnetics connected to the header. But maybe I’m totally wrong.

That’s known since 8 weeks or so

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naively I thought things would happen here.
I don’t have Twitter.

It was posted in the thread where some of the magic happened and I always tried to keep track of relevant changes in my review.

you have nothing to reproach yourself for, I really appreciate the fervor of everyone here.

thank you for reminding me that I validated the new draft, certainly I was delighted with the SD slot and told myself that they had done their best for the heat sink,
the same for the M.2 when I had asked for explanations at the beginning of July without response thereafter, and that I deleted my posts, so I was aware.

I do not blame anyone except me, because I ask Radxa, which must take over the Raspberry environment, to do something else.
Seriously the discussion was wrong from the start.
I have no raspberry product at home so I smile.

I need a 5G network unit and a light server for my personal and domestic use,
the RK3588 should in my opinion fulfill this role,
and I find the RK3588S is sufficient for IoT / workstation / Development board,
but others see it differently.
those who buy the rock5 as a Comput/ Dev board will get a great deal, in my case it’s not worth it.

I will wait until 2023 and see what the new year has in store for us before jumping on the existing Intel solutions.