Introduce ROCK 5 Model B - ARM Desktop level SBC

@Mecca, erm. So, you was asking for review of board and now says you don’t need it? That’s fine, i guess.

Thank for your opinion, it’s worthless.

A fan will be used as active cooling how big is this fan? I am planning to replace it with a Noctua fan.

Did I miss the opportunity to get a coupon? allnetchina doesn’t seem to offer them anymore, and ameridroid still lists them on the page, but the price after coupon are like those from allnetchina before coupon, plus I don’t see the actual option to add the coupon to the basket.

I guess I missed the time frame. I remember telling myself I should do it some time earlier in July, then forgot that tab in my browser. :<

I think you missed the boat. But anyhow even paying the full price you will be getting a good product for your money. I have the 16 GB RAM version that would mean i will not be bothered by low performance in the many years to come.

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That’s what I feared, indeed. Yup, still a good device. In case a pre-orderer changed their mind and does not have enough patience to wait until shipments, please feel free to contact me, I’m interested in buying that coupon of yours. I’m interested in the 16GB variant too.

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About the allnet coupon, is it normal to still not have received anything (just the validation of the order)?


When the product is available, we still need to wait “in queue” to get the product, based on when did we get our coupon. So, even if it is released now, likely you still need to wait a bit :slight_smile:

(I ordered in Jan, almost right after announcement, for a 16GB variant)

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No PD is a BIG problem, since besides being a power supply port, the USB-C port is supposed to work with a USB-C monitor, like my Dell U2720Q. It is expected that Rock 5B can be powered by the monitor (90W PD) while providing DisplayPort and USB 3.0 signal.

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Fully functional usb c port is a big plus. Today you can connect keyboard and mouse to monitor and connect SBC to monitor.

You will have power, monitor, keyboard, mouse all from a single usb c port. No extra usb hubs is required.

Lol. Really. Ok. Logic reason and the understanding of empirical data has informed my opinion sir. Get to work buddy. Time is money

Any news about the EU Distributor ?

Current progress for USB C PD is, the Dell monitor is the one work the best on ROCK 5B, the model we tested is U2720QM

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You will see PR soon about the EU distributor. Some news for you to refer:


i hope it is not the same as pine eu store who is even more expensive as the original store , and then talk about taxes as the price diffrence that is bs and eu warranty is not a excuse to make a product 100 euro more expensive we all know eu warranty is just air .

a few euros is possible

and the 2 german stores in the list are very EU and even 1 of that 2 has a raxda rk3588 wich is cheaper as the lower 4gb version

According to this announcement I just saw, I wonder whether “eu warranty” is on the table in the first place. (Partly kidding. They do cater for EU customers, of course, but let’s see about the associated additional costs.)

Okdo is absolutely huge for Radxa and they would be a strange EU company not to cater for EU customers.
I am guessing the end of agreement with Raspberry may be a tad acrimonious to Radxa’s and hopefully purchasers benefit.

To be exact: OKdo is a brand of RS Group plc based in London, which is now outside the EU. They still have subsidiaries inside the EU, of course, but don’t underestimate the red tape involved. But again, we’ll see how/whether this works out for EU customers.

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For now there is only one sample and unavailable product that seems to be bit more expensive than allnet (but we will see that in details on checkout when it will be ready to order). Will they manufacture boards or only resell them?