Instead of shutdown, my N10 keeps rebooting

Dear All,

I just bought an N10. Everything is normal, except when it shut down, it keeps rebooting instead. I throw every available command, from GUI (Shutdown) and CLI (poweroff and shutdown -h). After +/- 5 seconds screen blank, it will reboot. It also automatically turned on when connected to power cable.

Both Debian and Ubuntu behave the same.
To turn off the board, I have to disconnect power chord within 5 seconds interval or push power button for about 5 seconds.

N10 version is B type powered by QC 3.0 12v x 2A charger

Any advise appreciated, and sorry for English

I have the same problem.

Does halt work the way you want it to?

Hi heitbaum and ynjiun.

Thanks for response

sudo shutdown -h and sudo poweroff don’t work.

It’s also turned on automatically when power chord is plugged

Tried fedora image and the result was same

@zoegyBrix It looks like a software issue and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Ideally post the solution here as a patch, so we do not need to completely reinstall. Thanks!