Installing Ubuntu 22.04 on Rock Pi 4 SE

Hi guys!

I’m new to SBC and Rock Pi as well.

I understand the software can be downloaded from here, but I was wondering if I can install Ubuntu 22.04 as I want to use ROS2 Humble Hawksbill.

I tried to flash the microSD using Etcher and succeeded. But the blue lights are not blinking.

Thanks in advance!

I would look at Armbian They support Jammy. You will have to add a new board for the SE as they don’t support it directly.

The board is actually named ROCK 4 SE (Not Rock Pi) and it uses the RK3399-T Soc which is clocked lower than the RK3399 so take care on this point.

I wrote up how to add a new board for the Rock 4C Plus and OKdo published it so it might help you:

Unfortunately Armbian just updated their build system and which now only runs in Docker and there is no documentation yet so I haven’t figured out how to do it in the new system.

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Hi Pete, thank you very much for your reply. The guide is well written and very helpful. Thank you for the guide as well!

As for now, I will need to wait for someone to make rock 4 se .csc config file in order to get Armbian to work with the board am I understanding this correctly?

Yes you will have to wait until someone adds support for the SE in Armbian unless you can add it yourself by creating your own patch file as per my guide, except this is now all done inside Docker.

I have just managed to get the Radxa rbuild working on my Linux box (Ubuntu Jammy) - you should be able to build Jammy for the SE using that. The guide is here:

When you have installed all the dependencies and cloned rbuild run this cmd and it should generate a cli image that you can flash to SD - you can also change cli to kde or xfce but I would check the cli works first:

./rbuild rock-4se jammy cli