Installing stable 6.1 debs from up-to-date bsp on Pi S - out of memory?

Hi, I am trying to install radxa kernel 6.1 to test RockPi S + CS42448 I2S/I2C DAC setup . With a few-months older bsp I could compile latest-kernel 6.6 debs and dpkg -i install them on my 512MB Pi S with the default 200MB compressed-RAM swap. Today I:

  • updated bsp from github, compiled stable with:

./bsp --no-build -n linux stable

  • checked the .src/linux dir, then

./bsp --no-prepare-source -n linux stable

  • copied the common and pi-s-specific debs to my Pi-S
  • and tried to install with:

sudo dpkg -i *6.1*deb

Unlike in my previous installations of 6.6 debs built with the previous bsp, this installation tries to update overlays:

update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-6.1.68-1-stable
Updating overlays for 6.1.68-1-stable ...

The “updating overlays” process runs python3 which consumes all RAM including the 200MB swap ramdisk. I added 1GB of swap to a swap file on the slow SD card. The “updating overlays” takes 650MB of swap space, dragging the board to halt due to the slow swap space.

Please is there a way to fix that, so that kernel stable debs compiled with radxa bsp can be installed on the 512MB Pi S?

Thank a lot,


Hm, I had to remove /etc/kernel/postinst.d/yz-update-overlays config, installed by the rsetup package.