Installing official Debian image on Rock Pi 4


I would like to install the official Debian arm86 image for my Rock Pi 4A+.

I’ve tried downloading the debian-11.4.0-arm64-DVD-1.iso and dd writing it to a microSD card or to the Rock Pi 4A+'s eMMC module but it doesn’t boot.

Writing the rockpi-4b-debian-buster-xfce4-arm64-20220506-0320-gpt.img.xz image to a microSD card works, of course.

I am not an expert but it seems that the Rock Pi isn’t setup to accept an installation image in either the eMMC or microSD card - it needs to have a fully installed operating system.

Any advice on how to proceed?


This is expected. This is not UEFI compliant hardware and there is no BIOS on this board. That image boots on things like this.

Armbian is clean Debian or clean Ubuntu.

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Hi, @RockPiRocks

You can follow this link to install the original Debian:

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Thank you igorp and Jack. In the end I installed armbian as suggested by igorp, and am happy with it :grinning: