Installation of Android on eMMC

I’m trying to install Android on eMMC with Rock Pi 4C v1.2.

When I wrote the image of Android 10 to eMMC 16GB and started it, it started normally, but when I wrote it to 64GB with the same procedure, the Erasing … screen is displayed after the Rock chip logo screen and restart After that, I can’t start it just by repeating the Rockchip logo screen → restart.
If I install to eMMC 64GB, do I need to take another step?

Thank you.

What I tried here is

  1. Installation of Android 10 and Debian on 8GB, 32GB, 64GB of SD card

Both started and could be used normally

  1. Installation of Android 10 and Debian on 16GB and 64GB of eMMC

Debian started both 16GB and 64GB and was able to log in, but Android 10 started with 16GB but did not start with 64GB.