Install OS from SD card

Hi ,
Recently bough Rock PI 4a, cluster and installed heatsink , i don’t want to remove heatsink everytime to flash os,
is there a way to install OS from sd card/usb without removing emmc module?


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Some RK3399 boards have soldered eMMC so it should be possible. You have to short eMMC clock somehow to prevent booting from there, boot from SD and proceed as usual.

Thanks , but is there any options for the official Ubuntu images , im trying to install without GUI , unfortunately armbian comes with GUI

Armbian is server CLI focused system which also provide desktop build.
Just scroll down (or click)

In case you don’t find your variant, it is very easy to build your own image.

Thank’s , Dont know how i missed it :slight_smile:

If you are running from an SD card you can mount the EMMC as a drive. This lets you install an image on the EMMC using dd.

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