Install os direct to emmc with ubuntu

Just sharing this as I had straggle to boot for a while, the instruction is not very clear on the wiki.
I have an old laptop dual boot with windows and ubuntu
m1 mac
Radxa Zero with 64GB emmc.

Watching youtube and notice many had trouble booting from emmc, so might share my method, also there are people who succeed write to sd and clone to emmc, so might share my method.
I have tried, mac, maybe my python lib is screwed up didn’t work for me, window’s instruction goes as far as cant see the drive. so the instruction is in Ubuntu. and this works with both Armbian and TwisterOS which you can find in download.

Assuming at this stage you had already and had a few tries, and have the files ready from the downloads link.
Make sure you have pyamlboot installed if you haven’t
sudo pip3 install pyamlboot

First I enter USB boot by pressing the USB boot while connecting the cable (USB-C to USB-A)make sure you can see your device by the command

one you can see your device, then you want to go into disk loader mode,
sudo rz-udisk-loader.bin
note: don’t close this terminal.

This will give you access to the emmc as a USB disk. What I did differently is using the ubuntu default “disk” Utility, identify the disk delete all partitions. Then restore it to the disk with the downloaded OS img provided(double click the img file will prompt you the recovery mode ). Take about 20-30 min to write to disk for twisteros.
Once done, flash the boot on the terminal.
Check the disk by lsblk

sudo dd if=u-boot.bin of=/dev/sda bs=512 seek=1 (edited)

how this would help some people :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks this helped me a lot.

I Would just add…

  1. sudo pip3 install pyamlboot - [option]
  2. lsusb <-- can you see your “amilogic”.
  3. wget
  4. sudo rz-udisk-loader.bin
  5. use “disks” to restore the .zy file from radxa.

I was really truggling for a while :slight_smile: