In search for Alpine Linux image

Hello all,

I have been using Raspberry pi for years, but recently I bought couple of rock-chip boards.

My OS of choice is Alpine Linux, and over the time, I have developed several components and setup scripts that deal specifically with Alpine. Hence it is hard for me to move to Debian (or any of its derivatives). Let alone the optimization in footprint and performance Alpine Linux brings on.

Several days were spent looking for a way to install Alpine Linux on Rockchip 3328 (Rock Pi 4 E) and Rockchip 3399 without avail.

I got the u-boot / arm-trusted-firmware properly compiled for each board, then properly written to the SD card; then Alpine Linux u-boot (aarch64) image extracted to the first partition.

The booting process hangs when staring the kernel.

I’m reaching out the community for help. Once this exercise is done I would gladly compile the instructions so others would benefit.


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Here is a guide, just replace the Debian rootfs to your Alpine rootfs:

output from the UART would be helpful.

This can happen when there is missing rockchip configs in the kernel. Check if the kernel you’re using have rockchip arch enabled with all its required configs like MMC_DW_ROCKCHIP etc.

I can also check with one of the alpine devs whether they have a pre-built image for rk devices.