IMX415 Camera with Android 12

H everyone,

I’m facing an issue while setting up the IMX415 sensor on Android 12. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Built and flashed Android using the Android12_RK3588_Radxa_rk12 branch, following the instructions at this link.

  • Uncommented the following line in rk3588-rock-5b.dts to enable the sensor driver:

     #include "rk3588-radxa-rock5b-imx415.dtsi"

After applying these steps, I can see that devices are added in /dev/videoX, and media-ctl -p reports an attached topology, which appears to be correct as far as I can determine.

# ls /dev/video* 
/dev/video0  /dev/video10  /dev/video12  /dev/video14  /dev/video16  /dev/video2  /dev/video4
/dev/video6  /dev/video8   /dev/video1  /dev/video11  /dev/video13  /dev/video15  /dev/video17 

However, I’m encountering an issue in the Android camera launcher. In the logcat, I see the following error:

10-27 14:06:37.644  2621  2621 W CAM_Camera2OneCamMgr: No back-facing camera found.
10-27 14:06:37.644  2621  2621 W CAM_Camera2OneCamMgr: No front-facing camera found,try to find external facing camera.
10-27 14:06:37.644  2621  2621 W CAM_Camera2OneCamMgr: No external camera found.

I’ve also attached /vendor/etc/camera/camera3_profiles.xml from my device for your reference. I’ve been investigating the documentation in RKDocs/common/camera/HAL3, but so far, I haven’t found any mismatches in my configuration.

Any help on this issue would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

I’ve identified the root cause of the issue I encountered.

In the original instruction, the Android12_RK3588_Radxa_rk8 branch is used, which unfortunately does not work with the camera. After switching to the newer branch, Android12_RK3588_Radxa_rk12, the camera functionality worked perfectly without any additional configuration.

It may be beneficial to update the instruction to recommend using the Android12_RK3588_Radxa_rk12 branch for camera compatibility or clearly specify the branch that works with the camera.

Thank you for your attention and assistance.