Imx219 camera support is fake?

Dear Radxa team,

has imx219 camera ever worked for anyone on linux?

I see in the comments that it is supported, I also wrote about it on wiki, but it doesn’t work for anyone (0 of the topics containing imx219 are closed!)

I’ve been asking and debugging on Discord for days, but no one is answering anything.

If there ever was a kernel and distrib version that actually works, please write it down.

I have hundreds of pages of logs, I tried almost all available kernels (all legacy! from 4.4.-79 to 4.4-154)

Thank you in advance for your answer!

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Same for me. Tried all legacy kernels to no avail. What is the point of having the hardware connect for a csi camera if it is not supported in software?

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Not on any kernel with debian/ubuntu(at least the ones I tested), it works only on android:

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Thank you, but we need on linux, as wiki says.

btw nice blue room.

I was very happy with the new image released ob march/23 that claims to have support for csi camera. Again I cannot get it to work. I am using rock pi 4b+ :slight_smile:

I’ve tested Raspberry pi v2 camera on rock pi 4b with Debian (bullseye) GNU Linux and it worked. But I’ve only got 17 fps (my expects was about 30 fps) on any resolutions and pixelformats (I used v4l2-ctl for changing these parameters).

MIPI CSI 2 lanes via FPC connector, support up to 800 MP camera(1mm pitch connector)

On I found that there are no info about CSI with 4 data lanes. Probably, this is one of the reasons why rock pi cannot handle up to 30 fps from the camera.
Also, I’ve noticed that v4l2-ctl with --list-formats-ext showed only YUVU or RGBG pixelformats. The USB camera had several other pixelformats such as MPEG or H264 and they had fps information for different resolutions

Hi @imz,

Any clue how to make a imx219 CSI camera works with rockpi?