I'm curious about Zero's gpio pin. ( pwm, pullup )

I’m working on a project using Zero.
I used some buttons and led for gpio pin test in advance, but I thought there was no big problem at that time.

And even if you pull-up to make the pull-up state now, it doesn’t work.
Not only that, but I’m also curious about how to operate the pwm, so I’ll upload my source file and settings additionally.

I remember making an error that the pwm is not initialized when the Python code is used and the operation is performed.

In other words, I have two questions below.

  1. Is zero pull-up possible? And is there an impossible pin?

  2. How do you use the pwm of Zero? Python code, please!

I can’t connect because I turned off Zero right now.
I’ll upload the data a little later.

For your information, I’m sure it’s in the text, but it’s a mraa gpio control and Python code!

If you look at the mraa of Zero homepage, there is a C language for pwm, but there is no Python code.

If your image is preloaded with mraa from us you can check /usr/local/share/mraa/examples/python/pwm.py.

I don’t quite understand your Q1 but there are 2 OD pins on Zero that requires external pull up circuit. In addition one of them operates on 5V.

Thank you.
I just checked and it’s the same code that I wrote, but what didn’t work?

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It’s an annotated part.

Did you enable PWM overlay in uEnv.txt?

My radxa’s uEnv.txt looks like this!