Identifying Micron DDR4 RAM in Radxa ROCK 3B (2JA29 09ZC marking)

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping to identify the specific DDR4 RAM module used in the Radxa ROCK 3B. While the documentation doesn’t disclose the exact part number, I noticed the RAM chip has a Micron Technology logo and the markings “2JA29 09ZC”.

I’ve tried searching the web and Micron’s website, but haven’t been able to find a direct match for this combination.

Would anyone have any insights on:

  • The specific part number for the DDR4 RAM used in the ROCK 3B?
  • Whether the “2JA29 09ZC” markings indicate compatible replacement modules from Micron?

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Obviously You are searching for this chip using images from Internet :wink:
FBGA code is not 09ZC but D9ZCK, it should be 200pin LPDDR4/X 32Gb chip,


So using micron FBGA finder:
with right code it return exactly this chip:

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Hi Dominik,

Thank you so much for correcting the FBGA code, and also thanks for sharing exact link.

Really appreciated


Hi Dominik,

I have one more query about rock chip soc,
there is 2 version 1 you have uploaded and 1 which i have uploaded, mine is RK3568J and your RK3568.

My query is what is the difference between this 2, means any major details ?


RK3568J is industrial grade, RK3568 is commercial grade.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for replying. While I understand the ROCK-3B was developed in 2023, it’s concerning that many of its components are already obsolete.

Given this, if someone like myself wants to develop hardware based on the EK3568J MPU used in the ROCK-3B, where could they find reference designs or purchase the necessary components? Unfortunately, a Bill of Materials (BOM) seems unavailable, making it difficult to identify compatible parts.

Any guidance you can offer on obtaining these resources would be greatly appreciated.

ROCK 3B industrial version(J1 variant) offers 10 years supply, the components are industrial grade. The picture you refer is ROCK 3B commercial version.

If you want RK3568J documents, please go to

Hi Jack,

Thank you so much for this, really appreciated


Hi Jack,

I’m trying to identify the eMMC chip used in the 128GB eMMC 5.1 module compatible with ROCK 4/3A/5B/5A/E (and ODroid).

Based on a picture, it seems the 64GB version uses the NCEMASLD-64G chip from FORESEE. However, the documentation for the 128GB variant ( mentions Toshiba as the manufacturer but doesn’t specify the part number.

If you could help me find the part number for the 128GB eMMC chip, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards.