Idea about plug AMD GPU via NVME

If it is flashing with two blinks the kernel is probably loaded but the GPU failed to initialize. You can use an uart serial to see what is happening.

thats never a bad idea hooking up a serial cable

Hi all, I see the discussion of using external GPU on the RK3588 / Rock 5 B in this thread and in this other thread

Has there been any progress since, @mtx512rk, @sharelter, @RadxaYuntian / @jack , anyone?

Also, the post above from December 2022 and the post with a rotating cube, do they show the Radeon on an RK3588 - so someone actually got it to work - or are they showing something else?

I started experimenting with the RK3568 regarding external GPU (Nvidia RTX 3090) and quickly came to an end with the 32mb pcie memory.
Reading through the Technical Reference Manuals for RK3568/88 and checking with the collabora/mainline dtsi the additional 1GB pcie memory from RK3588 is now present and should in theory overcome the bar space issues. Nobody seems to have publicly experimented in that regard but I will post my results as soon as my Rock5B gets finally delivered in the next 2-3 weeks.

Until then keep an eye on where I will post results as soon as my Rock5B arrives.

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To save you time, there is little chance of the RTX 3090 working unless you can modify the Nvidia drivers. The RK3568/88 pcie is crippled as per this thread and most graphic cards rely on pcie snoop feature. Rockchip decided not to implement (purchase) the IP. Therefore the gpu driver would need some workarounds to get it working, Furthermore you may need additional hacks in userspace applications as the dma buffers needed be within the 32 bit range (ie below 4GB). So it can be a long and arduous job debugging why an application isn’t rendering correctly. If you still want to test then try with a 4GB board to avoid the 32 bit buffer issue although it negates having a 64bit cpu.


@mtx512rk Bit late but I still wanted to actually try it. Ofc it didn’t work like you stated with the prior issues but at least I have it documented now:
@geerlingguy got it as far as with the RPI’s

Radxa Yautian the fans dont forget… yous gotta deliver whats promised… Can or Will it run Crysis ? :pensive::crossed_fingers:t2: