I2c not working

Hello, I had turned on i2cA and i2cB in armbian-config, reboot, but there’s only i2c-0 in i2cdetect -l. Did I miss anything?

armbian-config is wrapper that provides ability to tweak low level settings and other general Linux features via a menu. It is also mainly my work stretch for almost over a decade.

Checking if official Armbian for this board actually exists? tl;dr; Armbian doesn’t provide support for this hardware due lack of resources. Initial software support for all those cheap development boards is pretty terrible and if one wants to provide a usable Linux, Armbian wants to keep a reputation of being an usable Linux, lots needs to be added, opportunity costs are established and somebody needs to cover them. HW also needs a dedicated maintainer. If nothing is present …

Absence of maintenance means that utilities as such are in unknown state and they won’t receive any fixing. Unless you, or someone else, start digging in and fixing problems. Which needs some dedication and time …

I See. It seems that there is not yet any Armbian for this board.

Devs here mentioned they are working to port mraa for zero for the gpio to work.

They ware also mentioning they will support Armbian or at least their stuff with the build system, but it was always the opposite …

BTW. Armbian has its own community developed and supported libraries:

No idea if Amlogic works with it.