I2c not working on Rock PI S

Hi everyone,

I have been working on rock pi S, and I am trying to read data from accelerometer using i2c input.
I have done as follows:

  1. enable the overlays and follow the instruction on the wiki to the letter.
  2. try different kind of accelerometer to be sure that the issue is not the device.
  3. Try the same acceleometer on a raspberry pi to see if this is working.

Currently it is possible to initialize the i2c on the rock Pi S so it is not a driver issue, but i2cdetect or the mraa equivalent gave no address on any of the the busses for the salve accelerometers.

I am wondering where is the issue coming from, or whether there should be a pull up resistor that is not detect or something else that need to be check as well.

PS. when connecting the accelerometer to the raspberry pi, the i2cdetect immediately showed the address of the slave accelerometer. So the problem should be in the rock pi S.

Please let me know what you think or if I forgot to do something.

Best regards,